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Men who are currently undergoing treatment for ED, in General, satisfied with their sexual lives: 64% of the total number of respondents said that since the beginning of the treatment they are as or more satisfied with their sex life than before they began to experience problems with erection.

Speaking about all men or those who at least once in their life experienced viagra unpleasant crashing in bed, then, according to the results of a survey conducted in the autumn of 2007 in Russia by order of Pfizer, 89% of men expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of sex in their own performance. You do not need any RX to buy from us. So no doctor visits, no embarrassment, and your confidentiality is guaranteed. This, of course, does not mean that all the "disgruntled" suffer varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. But here's the thing: the negative subjective perception of their sex life shows that a significant number of men suffers from a lack of confidence in their sexual capabilities. Therefore, 80% of men are ready to improve your sex life.
In other words, the vast majority of men experiencing problems with erection, ready to take steps to improve the quality of their sex life.

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Viagra was the first on the Russian market [a drug], which for many years increases the quality of sexual life men in different age groups. the Doctor feels the joy when a patient after his appointments, speaks very well about the treatment and talks about improving the quality of life itself.
Vladimir Nikolaevich ZHURAVLEV, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Chief urologist of the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region, head of the Department of urology of the Ural state medical Academy.

Many years of testing and application experience of the "blue diamond" reliable evidence of the drug's safety. But at the same time, when taking Viagra, keep in mind and to consider the recommendations of developers that warn about possible side effects and cases requiring medical monitoring. Therefore, before first taking this drug need to very carefully read the instructions, or better yet, get competent advice of a specialist.

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Today, few people can come to the doctor and start to discuss with him the reasons that could lead to reduced sexual activity. The man goes to the doctor to bring the temperature down or taking medication, normalizing bowel function. Much the same is happening now with Viagra: people heard somehow knows that reduced sexuality to be treated with Viagra. He bought it and tried.

The opening of the special role of nitric oxide (NO) and sildenafil citrate in important biochemical viagra processes in the human body, gave a powerful impetus to the development of biochemistry, pharmacology and medicine. The most successful results of the practical application of Viagra is now available in urology. However, it is now clear that one urology the scope of its use is not limited.

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