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I understand that it is necessary che to be changed and do themselves even more all sports now have been paid a year in advance, bought nice clothes , went to the hairdresser, soon had to be corporate, it was necessary to prepare for it. I thought distracted to remember young Cialis ersie years )) and.

And it happened at the party caught the two girls, well off to dance , he even tried to kiss me , but I didn't , didn't want to cross the line while I'm in the current ED pillsх, after korparativ I went to the club, there is also two met and danced, and left his phone., the other was a guy )), Hmm forgot to say, I was dancing. Then there was a third, viagra but it nebylo special forces saw an interest, one dance and I went home and so tired after a corporate party.
On sleduushii day. I called I remembered what I had to say the arrival time of the train.

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Doctor. I would like to ask for advice, maybe someone will help.
LTE 4.5 years, I will be 26, she's 25 - problem with sex. The girl wants me, at least, periodically starts talking "you just talk about it/think", "but sex that nothing more", "it is not important", etc.
Sure it's not edinstvenny jamb, rather the consequence of all that was and is, because "sex barometr relations."
The problem briefly:
not enough sex:2-3 times/week
- oral sex (1 time per 1-2 weeks)
- Blowjob (1 per month)
The background for the understanding of the situation/identify stocks

1. Phase: students
- met
- slept in a week (2-4 visits)
- the next day went to another city for the weekend
- after 1.5 month I went away for the weekend and met with my parents (it happened)
Summary: love, travel a lot, a lot of sex

2. Step: stay together
- begin to live together
- go abroad (with my parents)
lots of sex
- having fun/studying/walking
the first more or less ceresine hints for the wedding of the CBD

3. Stage: move to town
- graduation - decide to "temporarily" move to my city (he studied in a large, returned to my small in my apartment)
- common bile duct from this stress
let's go and rest before moving
- on arrival OVC finds a job (in big city)

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- went to my relatives for a while, OVC stress
- 2 weeks moving to the big city (once OVC viagra "jokingly" wanted to live in it)

- work remains the same (pens), I make about 2-2,5 times more, but it is sorely lacking. Partially supported by your parents (both sides), but very little
- OVC very far to get to work: out in 6, comes in 8. A lot of time in transit. Evening English courses-occupied. The common bile duct at a constant stress, is partly solved by training

- trying to change jobs but remains in the same place in the best of fin conditions (here we cranialis for SN, she's a bit ahead due to bonuses)

- starts with the epic "sore" (a yeast infection which was impossible to recover more than a year) as a result: increasing stress, reducing physical contact
Summary: one of the most difficult periods, occasionally swearing, serious conflicts was not out a little since there was no fin possible, the sex was
Now to the point.

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