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We now live in Central Europe, where I went to work after graduation, and then she learns. She is from Ukraine, I'm usa from the Baltic States.
The standard introduction to the SS in October 2014, planned to seduce classic transmitance, but did not succeed, in the end, the seduction was gone about a month (6-7 dates).

ED pills have evolved very rapidly. Just after 2 months of the relationship she started to stay in my apartment all weekend. In 4-5 months she practically lived with me (stayed for 4-5 days). ED pills themselves were also very pretty: constant travel to other cities and countries, the good location we very good. One complained, viagra that does not bestow flowers, I started to give for no reason (when there was a desire to do something nice), saw that she was very pleased with them every time.

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In terms of sex I'm not all that happy about it. She always readily agreed, but made no attempts to make me, i.e., was essentially a "log" - all I did. Such experience I have for the first time, all the past girls I have got and then somehow. But the sex itself was good, just with me the first time she reached orgasm, but later it has happened, unfortunately not often. BZ was on my side – 60 vs 40 somewhere. She first wrote to the SS, the constant diminutive words in my address, filled up with messages.

I tried not to show significance in the SS, always kept you a bit aloof, but showed the importance of in real life: always hugged her, stroking in public showed how she is, held. in General, it was always soft with me, and she even always pleasantly surprised and asked a couple of times where I'm so tender and said that she like it very much. Very much was afraid to overstate its importance, has always tried to play a competent and skilled database. Never said "I love you", she told me, too.

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The conflict was, especially in the last couple of months. A couple of times I was jealous, and very hard (idiot), a couple of times she showed jealousy and I even liked that she was jealous. But somehow it solved by itself. a Few times she had Packed her things and left me, returned, or I, or you come back. It was all a manipulation and we both knew it, so it came together easily, just the same or next day.
Somewhere in late may, the conflict began serious. Her Dorm room was paid for until September.

Of course, the question was raised about cohabitation from September 2015, although, in fact, we lived together (she stayed with me for 4-5 days starting from December 2014). I was against it, because were not sure what will remain in the country (I had a one-year contract), but was promoted and the question again arose edge. Again, I didn't want to live together, because I'm the kind of person who likes their freedom, and in those 2-3 days during the week when she stayed in the Dorm, I "rested" from it. It's on my "no" very much offended, we really fought over this.

In the end, as she comes in and says that extended Dorm for next year and will live there. Here is me and pinched), And it is at this point of BZ to change, not in my direction. I immediately showed her that changed my mind and want to live together that we have been practically living together and will be leveled down in ED pillsх if she doesn't move in with me. But she was adamant. In General, I've found myself a new apartment (this was in June) and tried one last time to convince her, and received the answer: "if you want, I'll come live with you, but the hostel will not leave because I am afraid that our ED pills can cause a crash at one point and I have no place where to go."

Also said that I will pay the rent, but only to buy some foods. I thought that it would be adequate to offer to pay me the amount that she pays for the Dorm room in a month (whether I did right?), she said she believes that if a man calls to his apartment to live, you have to pay it at least until then, until it begins to work (is it right? I was always interested in this question, how to solve the budget Ltrs, when one of the characters is working and the other is just learning, for example)?
In this situation, I do not agree. And once hard scandal, when we almost screamed at each other the dialogue took place:

I: You mean, what am I going to pay for the house, and you're occasionally going to buy products. Ie you want to live for free, right?
She (uncertainly): Yes

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