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All The Doctor. Thanks in advance to all those who read to the end and answer!

I – 25, not handsome but not ugly, athletic body (I love the gym and healthy lifestyles) good job, CP above the national average. Introvert. In terms of LTR this is my first erectile dysfunction, it was a one-time contact or SO. An adequate assessment of yourself – 5 points.

She was 22 years old, student, not working, living on money mother does not smoke, rarely drink, clubim not walk. More introvert than extrovert. In terms of LTE, I also have it first, until I was 2.
ED pillsм 9 months.

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I (almost shouting): Well, Yes, ie I pay, and SOMEONE will live for free with me. viagra Super!

And here she is "someone" very hard to be offended. That is what she admitted that she wants to live for free it is not jarred, and that's what I said "someone", it touched something. Well, fucked up logic, there are no words.

In General, we were fighting almost the whole of June 2015, with a few flashes of normal relations. Come July, it passed the session and went home for 2 months. In the last week before County was cool: time together was wonderful, much sincerity, we both knew that soon the separation in 2 months to survive will be very difficult and in the end, we agreed that I would visit her in Kiev for 3 days before your main holiday. I that same night I bought the plane tickets, she left after a couple of days home.

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To be honest, ED pills distance I don't believe, but then, I thought, only 2 months, but as she arrives, we all normalize. But it so happened that the SS, we communicated very sparingly: almost once or twice a week, had a couple of Skype calls, but it was like something was wrong, it was not that there was sincerity from her, which was early in the relationship.

And here the most interesting: 3(!) days before the trip to Kiev, the trip that I had planned for her, she tells me that she can't come to Kyiv for family reasons. Well, that all arrived. I slipped into the status of complete Tfna and began to direct the SS to find out what happened, plagued her with questions. Here are some direct answers from the dialogue:
- I don't love you, we do not have ED pills, we must part

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