Why the Generic Drugs Preferred by All?

Health is an important thing that anyone can experience. When it comes to health care everyone wants to make sure they are in good hands. Most famous doctors and medications prescribed by them are based on the best and. is offered totally free in some countries, health care by the government while in some other health related costs is high rocket. Although quality is important when it comes to health care it is quite convenient for men and women in the workforce of the company to spend all your hard earned money on their expensive medications instead of tuition and University of their children.

This is where the alternative type of drugs known as generic comes to the rescue of the middle class income source. Unlike generic drug brand medications require less pressure on your wallet and is a very efficient cost. Although the same caliber as the drug brand generic counterparts of these drugs cost many times less than their branded versions. No other medications are different than the cost. The active ingredients of the drug are the same and offer exactly the same health benefits as brand medications. It is a general belief that when you establish the price of a commodity unless the quality has been compromised, but this is not true for generic drugs. In fact, you need to understand why the cost is high in the case of branded medications and could clear all your fears.

The cost of the branded drug is substantially higher because the price includes a lot of aspects such as research and development costs of drugs, production costs and production costs, advertising and marketing costs and patenting. All these costs are an important consideration when the manufacturer reaches the stage of completion of the selling price of the drug. On the contrary, generic drugs, although a bio equivalent to its brand counterpart, is usually too low a price per brand because they were out in the market only after the patent on the brand versions expires. This period usually lasts anywhere up to 17 years. Therefore, generics tend to be cheaper, since they lack all those additional costs associated with producing original branded medications.

However, if you wonder why brand medications are still on the market, although generic versions are also available, there are two things that could answer your question. One is that not all branded drugs are generic versions, and the second is that generic versions, but they have such beneficial active components, quality, strength, purity, stability and health of the brand, have some differences compared to the ingredients Inert and inactive used as fillers, colours and flavors. They are packed in a different way. As far as its effect on health concerns are just as safe and effective as brand.

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